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Property inspections help avoid painful experiences


Purchasing or building a home is an emotional process!

Through the process of property inspections, Independent Property Inspectors (IPI) help South African property buyers avoid the painful lesson of hind sight.

A property inspection is the process by which an inspector visually examines the readily accessible systems and components of a home and describes those systems and components in accordance with the standards of practice. The inspection is time specific, visually non-invasive, identifies patent defects, and focuses on the systems and components as agreed to with the customer.

IPI’s slogan is “We inspect what you expect”. Ahead of what must be seen as inevitable changes in the Consumer Protection Act, their growing national network provide an informed consultation with regards to the vital signs of a property.

When they perform a property inspection, they start by determining if the defects are “patent” or “latent”. A defect is considered “patent” if it was readily discoverable or “apparent by a reasonable inspection”. If not, and if the defect is hidden, then it is “latent”. The distinction is not always easy to make and depends on the defect’s “susceptibility to detection”.

Within 24 hours their clients receive a 300-point computer software based “IPI Report”, highlighting in detail a visual “blue print” of the property, with specific attention paid to areas of concern. Their reports do not offer a pass or fail result, but simply an educated and unbiased opinion.

They work only with the party who contracted their services, whether it is the estate agent, the seller or the buyer. Inspections generally take between 3 to 4 hours to complete and they do not share the findings of the report with any third party without written authorisation from the client.

For property inspections in Oudtshoorn and surrounding towns, contact Pauline Grundlingh on 074 763 3527 and pauline@property-inspectors.co.za or visit www.propertyinspectors.co.za

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