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The Story of EJE

EJE is not my work life; it is my life’s work

On 1 January 2008 I founded Elmarie Jacobs Estates, knowing all too well that there are many agencies that do what I wanted to do and that we all share the same what and how: selling properties.

From the start my vision for EJE has been very clear: To become the Number 1 Real Estate Agency in Oudtshoorn. I want to be known as a committed and honest property practitioner who serves her clients with integrity, discipline and commitment.

What I have to offer is an inexplicable sense of purpose and aim, combined with my insatiable sense of humour and my hunger for a fun-filled life! And also: The fact that I am an ex-journalist – forever doting on the magical power of words and language – makes me believe that I can quite possibly describe properties in a way that will inspire others to own them.

Looking at my astounding journey almost leaves me speechless (pun intended)! What started out with a vision, has evolved into a mission. What was a career, has become a calling, and now Elmarie and EJE are passionately and undeniably one: I will not even know – or care – to separate the one from the other.

The biggest revelation that I uncovered along the way is that my passion sells properties! Daily I am blessed by the unexpected calls, which lead to listing mandates and viewing appointments, and then, wonderfully culminate in successful sales that signify beautiful endings and exciting beginnings to my buyers and sellers. More often than not these clients become my friends, enriching my life even further and adding fuel to the fire.

At this point in time EJE is ablaze with buzzing activity and creativity: Selling properties professionally, in simplicity and authenticity, and with an appreciation for life.

My heartfelt hope is that this – the story of my life – shall continue in 2018 and beyond.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I am ready for your call!